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Wedding Photography

A wedding is all about the small moments. The glowing bride’s radiant smile, the groom’s warm, yet reassuring style. The rituals. The traditions. The hall filled with chatting relatives. The nervous moment when you seal the bond. A shy smile at your spouse-to-be. A dad’s relieved sigh, a mom’s emotion filled face, and the excited cheers from your gang. These are the moments you would want to remember, and we are here to freeze them for you!

Our Specialities

Pre/Post wedding

Every couple has a beautiful journey. From an awkward hi to sitting comfortably together in complete silence, the journey crosses a million milestones. Together, let’s shoot it all. Go back to where it all started. Enjoy posing amidst trees and mountains, or with waves touching the shining sand in the background. Do a couple dance for us. Take the stage as actors in a video with your favourite theme. With Pixeltrix Studio’s photography, announce your couple to the world, in style. 


Other Services

kids photography.jpg

Kids Photography

From cute expressions to mischievous pranks, kids are always busy. Don’t worry, we totally understand. 

Portrait photography.jpg

Portrait Photography

We are here to help you enhance your portfolio with class and promise, showcasing your personality. 

Couple Having Breakfast

Event Photography

Food, Products, Corporate videos, and more!Check out what we do when we are not shooting weddings.

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